Six Domains of Human Flourishing

As the coworking movement matures, individual spaces are turning toward spotlighting what they do best – areas of interest, catering to certain professions, or particular amenities like fitness, women-only or dog friendly.

At SyncLife Coworking, we are focused on mindfulness – loosely defined as “being present to the present moment,” according to Rev. Dr. Ken Crawford, Senior Pastor of our home at Central Christian Church in Dallas.

In order to provide additional focus for a mindful workday, SyncLife is informed by Crawford’s work entitled, “Six Domains of Human Flourishing.”

In each of these six areas we move along a spectrum from dis-ease and dis-order to wholeness. Often individuals completely ignore one or more of these facets of human life, for themselves, their loved ones and those in their spheres of influence. Organizational structures, social practice, and institutional policies often pursue one domain to the detriment of another.


Human flourishing and wholeness result when increase awareness and capacity to journey from disorder to wholeness across all six domains in harmony. It’s far easier when we work together in community with one another, offering mutual encouragement and support, as well as guidance, challenge, insight, questioning, sharing of resources and burdens.

Course of Study: Suggested $50 for the course or $10 per course


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