Ten Things You Can Do To Support SyncLife

pen-calendar-to-do-checklist.jpgMembers of the Central congregation often ask how they help support the growth of the SyncLife Coworking community. Here are some ideas:

  1.  Have Lunch!  Every Tuesday, we gather for a simple potluck lunch. It’s the best time to get to know each other and catch up on what’s happening in our lives and for our work and projects. It seems like the rest of the week, we are all going in different directions. Tuesdays are the one day of the week that we intentionally move together!
  2. Offer Hospitality! There is a new “welcome station” in the Hall of Missions where we offer fresh coffee and tea, healthy snacks and a big smiling “howdy” every day. We help folks find their way and answer questions. We need volunteers to staff the station for 2 – 4 hour blocks every day. You can work on your own projects – bring your laptop and hook up to the power strip with USB ports and tell Google to play your favorite tunes. This space has already become a Place of Presence where quick pleasantries become rich conversations!
  3. Offer Tuesday Hospitality! On Tuesdays, we need a small crew who will prep food service and help clean up after lunch – or recruit community members to help. (That’s the way it’s supposed to work!)
  4. Plan a Party! We have two member organizations that need help with upcoming events. Take Charge. Period. needs help planning “counting parties” where folks come together to sort, count and bag up the hygiene products that are then distributed to food pantries. Dance Idea is planning a May 26 fundraiser to help this new company get off the ground. We envision a Spanish-themed dinner & a show: tapas bar, flamenco performance, Spanish guitar and vocalists. ¡Olé!
  5. Buy Bagels! The Central Kitchen is now producing some of the tastiest bagels in the history of everything ever. Oren Solomon and his crew bake twice a week and the place smells heavenly. Click here to order! And pick up on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If Oren knows you are coming for Tuesday lunch, he will make your batch early!
  6. Manual Labor! You knew this one was coming, right? Very soon we will be painting the upstairs classrooms after the flood. We will need help with moving stuff, prepping and painting. Frank can’t do it all, y’all.
  7. Invite People! Who do you know that currently works at home alone? Or in a coffee shop? What about a small team of people who need an affordable and creative shared workspace? Think! Artists, non-profits, creatives, solopreneurs, techsters, new moms, dog owners . . . invite them to become a part of our growing community.
  8. Share Your Skills! Take a few minutes and use the form below to tell us about your skills and gifts. We hope to connect you with Syncsters who may need just what you have to offer. Business planning? Marketing? Finance? Sewing? Time to run errands? A listening ear?
  9. Check In and Learn! Also on Tuesdays . . . we gather earlier for a more intimate “check in” based on the 12-step model. It’s a safe space to go a little deeper and connect with each other and with our Spirit. At 11, we turn our attention to the “YouMatter” topic for the week as it relates to Ken’s Six Domains of Human Flourishing. Then . . . it’s lunch! Anyone who is looking for more opportunities for pastoral ministry in an interfaith / social ethics space. . . this is for you.
  10. Get Creative! What do you know? Art, fitness, meditation, sewing, podcasting, baking, dance, knitting . . . we have room for all of that and more! Let us help you create classes and events that we can market to the wider community. You set the class fees . . . and share a little with the church. First up? Dance fitness from Dance Idea!


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