What is coworking, anyway?

The basic principles of coworking can be traced back hundreds of years to artist and writer collectives and other communities of practice. It was only recently that this notion got a unique word to describe it. At its simplest, it means a shared workspace. Generally, the coworking movement centers on a core set of shared values:

Community | Openness | Collaboration | Accessibility | Sustainability

When humans come together in a meaningful way, magic happens. Communities create trust, seed lifelong friendships, encourage collaborations, spark ideas, unlock resources and give people a sense of home and safety. In a meaningful community we feel that we belong, we are reminded that we are not alone and that we are surrounded by people who care about us.          – The Community Canvas

Why in a church?

Churches have all the makings of great coworking spaces – lots of room, table and chairs, coffee and wifi. And, most importantly, really great people who are good at gathering people together around their life purpose.

Many legacy churches are struggling financially as their congregations dwindle. Meanwhile, people continue to seek places and communities where they can belong. These communities take all sorts of forms, as documented by our colleagues at How We Gather.

At Central Christian Church of Dallas, we are partnering with Table Coworking to enliven our campus by welcoming people from diverse vocations and social impact organizations. From our Dog Park to our Sunday morning pews, we hope to continue and grow our 150+ years of welcoming all to deepen our connections to each other and to the divine spirit within.